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I’m Sharlette Winters. I’m a medical empath and spiritual intuitive who sees patients both virtually and at my clinic in Asheville, NC. I work with healers, coaches, truth seekers, empaths, sensitives and those who are feeling disconnected from their bodies and unclear about their life’s purpose. I use a synergistic blend of modalities to facilitate the healing process for my patients which includes uncovering the roots of their discontent, restore their innate strength, and reacquaint them with their intuition.
I would love to assist you! Get in touch with me to schedule an initial consultation so we can explore what it would look like to embark on a journey to your greatest healing and transformation so that you may show up most vibrantly in your gifts and offerings to the world.

Quantum Mapping

This is a big picture assessment which includes a conversation with you, your body and your nervous system. During this process, we determine: emotional, environmental, structural and nutritional needs in order of priority. Several modalities are combined for this assessment including components of traditional Chinese medicine, functional medicine nutrition response testing and neuro-emotional technique. We are figuring out your biggest blocks, where exactly they’re located in your body (organs, glands, tissues, channels, blood, lymph etc) and how to most effectively support your healing and next steps.

Emotional Repatterning

Repressed emotions find psychosomatic expressions and take their toll on the body. Emotional Repatterning identifies the root cause of these issues and offers effective, emotional healing solutions. It identifies underlying physical conditions and is used to discover hidden stress hotspots and deeply buried emotions. Through the use of Neuro-Emotional Technique (NET), you can restore your body’s natural balance and utilize self-healing to release or alleviate those emotions.

Transformational Healing and Coaching

This is a process of guided wellness wherein I draw wisdom from your body consciousness via the nervous system, reading your energy signature and sometimes speaking with your ancestors, guides and guardians. Then through coaching and quantum mapping, we determine the most sustainable and impactful way to support transformation and healing for you. This is NOT “one size fits all.”All of this wisdom informs the process through which I coach and support your healing in a way that leads to sustainable transformation and healing.

Working with me, I can support you to:

Rediscover the strength that’s been yours all along. You already have an internal compass, intuition, a knowing—your internal ‘yes’ and ‘no’. This process is about finding your way back to that, learning how to trust & love yourself more deeply and gracefully.

Reclaim the parts of yourself that feel lost or inaccessible, so you can show up as your full self—all the time. What does it feel like to show up truly authentically? Without all the bullshit or stories or trauma or fear that gets in the way of your ability to just… be real.

Rediscover your soul’s purpose; reclaim the “you” that’s been buried under so many layers of life. Find & live your Dharma so you can spend your one precious life doing what you were put here to do. You can start as small as you need to—but you have to start.

Retell your own story through your body wisdom. I’m here to guide you through the unveiling of who you actually are. There’s a whole you in there that’s buried under your life experiences, your trauma, the things you think you ‘should’ be doing… it’s still in there, you just need some help digging it out.