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Everyone’s path to their best health is unique, so I utilize a wide variety of natural healing modalities to respond intuitively to each person’s needs. My approach to healing is holistic, taking into account all the systems of the body and root causes of symptoms, physical or emotional. I am a healing practitioner specializing in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Functional Medicine, Acupuncture and emotional clearings in Asheville, NC.

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine practices to restore the natural balance and the healthy flow of vital life force energy (qi). Acupuncture does this through the gentle insertion of hair thin needles at clearly charted points along the meridians. The process is generally pain free.

Emotional Clearing

Repressed emotions find psychosomatic expressions and take their toll on the body. Through the use of Neuro-Emotional Technique (NET), you can restore your body’s natural balance and utilize self-healing to release or alleviate those emotions.

Functional Medicine

Functional medicine is a science-based approach to restoring health by identifying and healing root causes of disease. This approach strives to understand the patient’s unique needs, rather than focusing solely on a set of symptoms.

Reasons to Choose Alternative Medicine


Alternative holistic medicine operates on the premise that the body, mind and spirit are a continuum. We treat the body as a whole.


We encourage you to take an active role in your natural medicine healing journey and help you tap into your own resources for body resilience.


Each treatment plan we provide is unique and individual to the patient.


Balance is essential to well-being. We support you in regaining balance and health in a way that is safe and natural.