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Bryant Smith

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Sharlette is amazing! I came in skeptical, because a lot of what she said sounded a bit hocus pocus to me. She listened to all of my history of issues, some of which I think are fairly intractable, like old brain injury related deficits. However, I decided to keep an open mind about it all, and although I am not really sure what she did besides acupuncture, it really was a powerful experience. I could really feel an energy across my body that was no imagination. I came away feeling a little light headed, but this morning woke up with the muscle aches in my back and legs gone, and I also slept through the night without the 2:00 A.M. anxiety waking me up as I have been having pretty often the last few weeks. I feel more clear minded and able to concentrate today, and I gave a very well put together 10′ long speech to the Rotary club this morning. I also mentioned some wrist soreness when writing to her, like tendonitis kind of pain, and that’s gone, too. 🙂 Highly recommend Balanced Pointe!


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How do I speak about the most profound life experience I’ve ever had? How do I put into words an experience that there is so often, no words for?

Sharlette has held my hand and guided me on my journey back to health, love and peace. With both myself and the outer world. Sheis now my friend, mentor, life coach, spiritual guide and medical intuitive.

Her unique set of talents and gifts allow us to look at whatever ails me or stands in my way. From a physical, emotional and spiritual point of view she knows exactly how to support me in any given situation, in each of these ways.

I truly believe that I was led to make the move to Western North Carolina because my spirit was ready to do this work. I was ready to meet my guide.

Anytime anyone I know is suffering with any kind of life experience, I refer them to Sharlette. She has walked me back home, to myself and I will be forever grateful.


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Sharlette is attuned to the energy of her clients, is really present with them and directs their energy to release blockages and help them come into emotional, physical and spiritual alignment. She’s more than an acupuncturist. She’s an energy shaman!