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Sharlette’s services came highly recommended to me by friends so I scheduled an appointment with her. I found her to be an incredibly intuitive healer and was amazed when she described in great detail something I had experienced in the past that I had never shared with her. I also had the opportunity to sit in on a treatment Sharlette gave my husband relating to nutritional issues and we were both very impressed by her knowledge, efficiency and speed in diagnosing the problem and coming up with solutions. Sharlette has a nurturing presence and a wisdom beyond her years. She is patient and empathic, creating a warm and safe space for healing and emotional release. I am happy to give Sharlette my highest review.


Sharlette is attuned to the energy of her clients, is really present with them and directs their energy to release blockages and help them come into emotional, physical and spiritual alignment. She’s more than an acupuncturist. She’s an energy shaman!


I have been getting acupuncture and much needed supplements for over year. I have thyroid issues and before getting regular acupuncture, I was always tired and my thyroid medication had to be adjusted. I had a mental fog, which was interfering with my daily life. I can say that with regular acupuncture I am back to how I felt in my 20s, I am almost 40 now! I teach fitness classes and I am once again productive at my job, which is very mentally demanding. On top of that, I feel that I can be the best mother and wife and I am finally able to manage stressful days with ease. Seeing her regularly has been a true life saver for me and I think many people with and without chronic health conditions can benefit for the best with no side effects!


Dr. Sharlette Winters is the most talented acupuncturist I know! I wouldn’t want to go anywhere else and I highly recommend her! She’s kind, professional, dedicated, knowledgeable, not to mention talented, and all around first-class at what she does. Under her care, I was able conquer many health issues as they arose including digestive issues, emotional turmoil, illnesses, and even aches and pains in my shoulder and ankle by treating the problem at its source. Quite frankly, she is in her element as an acupuncturist and I recommend her to all of my friends and acquaintances. She’s a very inspiring woman and blows my mind with how good she is, so if you are drawn to acupuncture…give her a chance, you will be happy you did.


This spa is absolutely beautiful. It’s extremely calming as well. They have great service, amazing rooms, and really cool offers (bio-mat, NET, etc.). Sharlette Winters is the only person I have been to out of this spa, and she is the best acupuncturist I have ever been to. She is intuitive, kind and giving. She knows exactly what you need without having to ask for it. Her prices are extremely reasonable as well. If you are looking for a true healer, ask for Sharlette!


Having Sharlette as my acupuncturist/wellness therapist has truly been life changing. When we first met, I was a mom of two small children, severely depleted and suffering from a prolonged lack of self-care. From the start, I knew that I had come to the right person. Not only did Sharlette know my exact imbalances and what I needed to get better, she educated me about it. I had seen acupuncturists before but my treatments always seemed a bit mysterious and I was never quite sure of the benefits I was receiving. With Sharlette, I feel like an active participant in my healing and the results are often immediate. Happily, Sharlette’s range of skills and services extends far beyond traditional acupuncture and herbalism. I consider her one-stop shopping for all my health and wellness needs. Under her care, I did a 21 day detox cleanse that literally removed 8 pounds of toxic waste from my body and jumpstarted huge lifestyle changes including clean eating, exercise, and stress management. We uncovered hidden food allergies in the process that I’m sure I would otherwise have never known about. However, as significant as these physical improvements have been, even more profound has been the impact on my emotional and spiritual health. This is the result of the inner work that we do together through Neuro Emotional Technique (NET). By accessing my body’s wisdom, Sharlette helps to reveal the emotional cause behind many of my physical symptoms and release years-old blockages. Never has the mind-body connection been made more real for me. For someone who had been stuck in her head her whole life and completely disconnected from her body, experiencing NET was revolutionary. The most direct and effective form of emotional therapy I’ve ever experienced. Often, this work goes way deep, deeper than I could have ever imagined, but only ever as much as I can handle. The reward at the end of each of these sessions has been a lighter heart and a brighter spirit. Thanks to Sharlette’s exquisite facilitation, powerful intuition and empathy, deep wisdom, and capacity to hold space for healing (along with her extensive training, knowledge, and versatility in multiple modalities), I am becoming a more whole person. I look forward to more self-discovery and healing with her!


My healing experiences with Dr. Sharlette Winters have been truly life changing in every area of my life- wonderfully surprising and welcoming for me in my sixties! Her kind, caring and truly gifted manner puts you at ease immediately; her instincts and knowledge in knowing what questions to ask and what you need when you have no clue yourself; her ability to diagnose and uncover mental and emotional issues that everyone gathers over time, but I never knew could actually be helped; and her in-depth education and practices in identifying the right high, quality supplements to treat physical, emotional and health issues which have increased my energy, brought healing to my body and led me to form better, healthier habits are all part of her treatment of the whole person – body, mind, spirit, soul and heart. I am now moving forward in a new and more confident direction for my health, emotions and life into retirement. I am amazed at the changes she has helped, and is helping, me to achieve and wished I had known about many years ago! I wholeheartedly recommend Sharlette!


Sharlette Winters is truly an excellent physician. I would be hard pressed to find another person as intuitive and passionate as she is in her treatment. For her, education has never stopped, and as her patient, you can be sure that she will be approaching your session with a comprehensive knowledge which is both impressive and rare to find.


Her methods are very precise, yet also free-flowing and intuitive. Allowing her to tune in to exactly what your body or mind need precisely at that moment. She’s personally helped me work through very difficult and deep psycho-somatic patterns through NET and Acupuncture. She’s helped me work through repressed and uncomfortable emotions through NET.


I tried different methods and therapists to relieve tension and anxiety that I was suffering from for a year, but nothing seemed to help. The day when I called Sharlette I was on the edge, I almost lost my hope for recovery. But Sharlette managed to return my hope in several minutes. She attended me with love and care, and just after leaving her office I was smiling again.